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What we do

Make better clean power decisions with:



Decades of energy industry expertise

Leadership team

Meet the people powering Verse

Our team has decades of experience in computer science and AI, power markets, and clean energy procurement at companies like Google and Amazon.

We’ve integrated that knowledge into Aria so customers can access world-class clean power expertise through an easy-to-use software platform.

Seyed Madaeni, Ph.D (he/him)
Co-Founder & CEO

Seyed has been building software products to optimize the electricity sector for 10+ years. Before founding Verse, Seyed served as the Chief Digital Officer at Fluence, where he played a central role in the company’s successful $5B+ IPO, overseeing its digital business unit. Seyed was instrumental in growing Fluence’s renewable portfolio to over 10GW. Earlier in his career, Seyed was the CEO of AMS, where he pioneered a flagship market bidding product that eventually led to the company’s acquisition by Fluence. Seyed also contributed significantly to Tesla, SolarCity and PG&E, providing technical oversight for several groundbreaking wholesale market facing software applications.

Matt Penfold (he/him)
Co-Founder & CCO

Matt leads Verse’s customer and product work. Prior to Verse, Matt led the commercialization of the world’s leading A.I. wholesale market bidding software for utility scale clean energy assets – taking the idea from a whiteboard sketch to 10GW of assets under management. Matt previously worked at Bain & Co, serving clients in the utility & renewable energy sectors.

Alison Mickey (she/her)
VP, Marketing

Alison has 15 years of experience driving communications and marketing for cleantech startups. Most recently, she was VP of Marketing at Highland Electric Fleets, where she built the company’s marketing department and capabilities. Prior to that, she led communications at Fluence, supporting the company’s successful IPO in 2021. Before she began working in communications, Alison served as a Community Health Educator with the Peace Corps in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania for two years.

Dane McKay (they/them)
Head of Design

At Verse, Dane leverages their 15 years of experience designing software and deep knowledge of energy markets to design all aspects of the Verse product. Previously, Dane was the Lead Designer at Fluence and has contributed significant designs to other emerging technologies such as IOT, GIS, and ridesharing.

Nathan Murthy (he/him)
Head of Engineering, Software

Nathan has been working in software for over 12 years professionally. Prior to joining Verse, Nathan spent 2 years building financial reporting tools for tens of millions of merchants at Stripe and nearly 7 years at Tesla working on factory software, big data pipelines, and intelligent distributed energy systems. He also led the distributed controls team at SolarCity. Nathan brings expertise in commercial, industrial, and utility scale software from Wireless Glue Networks, Fujitsu Labs, and the Banatao Insitute. He earned his degree in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley.

Shehzad Wadalawala (he/him)
VP, Strategy

At Verse, Shehzad leverages his 20+ years of experience optimizing energy procurement decisions to lead the optimization modeling team and the delivery of analytic products to customers. Prior to Verse, Shehzad was an Energy Portfolio Manager at Google, responsible for developing the energy risk management framework and operationalizing its hedging program. He also provided commercial and analytic support for energy supply agreements across the US, EMEA and APAC, including multiple first-of-a-kind 24/7 carbon-free energy structures.

Accelerating the clean energy transition

The Verse team is dedicated to advancing corporate decarbonization. We offer a range of educational resources—including blogs, case studies, and videos—to empower organizations with the knowledge they need for effective clean energy procurement.