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Build the right carbon-free energy portfolio

Optimize your clean power decisions

Switching to clean power is complex. Save money, streamline processes, and reduce risks with Verse’s Aria™ platform.

Trusted by industry leaders
Trusted by industry leaders
Why Verse™?

Aria makes the switch to clean power easy.

Lower Costs
Reduce transaction costs by up to 70%. Achieve long-term savings by identifying future-proofed assets with the most robust defense against market or policy changes.
Managed Risk
Get the optimal clean energy portfolio for your business. Analyze assets based on emissions, risk, cost, or percent carbon-free energy and see how they perform in different scenarios.
Superior Outcomes
Verse combines unique experience with advanced analytics, generative AI, and expertise from former members of Google and Amazon’s power procurement teams.
Aria at work

Strategy, procurement, and management in one platform

Define your strategy

Analyze and compare financial, time-matching, or emissions reduction goals to identify your optimal clean energy strategy.

Design a portfolio

Identify, procure, and manage the right assets to deliver a future-proofed clean-energy portfolio.

Report on your impact

Monitor your portfolio and deliver verifiable financial and emissions reduction reports.