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Whether you’re an experienced buyer of clean energy or just setting sustainability goals, Verse’s Aria™ software saves you time and money.

Portfolio Planning app

Aria optimizes your clean power goals and provides an annual roadmap to achieve them

Compare scenarios with different assumptions

Easily review key metrics for a range of possible goals

Aria can help:

  • Define your organization’s clean energy goals (e.g., annual, hourly, or carbon-matching)
  • Understand and build the optimal roadmap to achieve your objectives
  • Educate stakeholders on foundational concepts & market dynamics

Aria can help:

  • Analyze forecast financial performance and risks associated with your existing portfolio
  • Assess the performance of your portfolio under possible standard, regulatory, and grid evolution
  • Analyze how new procurements impact your portfolio key metrics, progress towards meeting sustainability goals, and financial risk

Clean Energy Portfolio Planning

Read about how Heirloom used Aria to identify the right clean energy goal for its business and, based on that goal, design its optimal clean power portfolio.

Preview forecasted revenue and spend

Risk Management app

Risk Management & Valuation

Go beyond the traditional spreadsheet analysis.

Aria combines robust real-time and historical datasets with decades of power procurement expertise to give you full risk reporting and sensitivity analyses.

With Aria’s easy-to-use interface and powerful optimization engine, you can evaluate and select power purchase agreement offers based on your specific goals and requirements (e.g. cost, risk, carbon emissions reduction, etc.).

Robust market data,
harmonized by
Verse engineers

Grid emissions information for GHG scope 2 forecasts

Market Insights app

A Uniquely Powerful Dataset

Your decisions are only as good as your data.

Verse engineers have standardized multiple historical and long-term hourly power market forecasts into a single, easy-to-use dataset. This comprehensive real-time information informs our applications and supports accurate scope 2 forecasting and precise decarbonization planning.

Align with regulations, make accurate assumptions, and optimize your investments.

Aria’s AI Assistant queries large databases and formulates natural language output

Advanced technology at your fingertips

Harness the Power of Generative AI

Aria leverages gen AI and large language models to ensure you get the right answers to your questions and the right data to inform your decisions.

Our AI Assistant can answer questions ranging from general clean power topics (e.g., “What are common types of clean energy goals?”) to project-specific queries (e.g., “How much carbon emissions would this wind project displace?”).

Cloud-based software tools

Tailored Solutions
— Without the
Price Tag

Aria’s app-based platform uses a software-as-a-service subscription model, so you only pay for the functionality you need.

From setting goals and portfolio planning to valuing offers and assessing risk with unique market insights, Aria’s advanced analytics deliver your optimized, future-proofed, clean power future.