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Make Smarter Clean Energy Investments with Verse’s Data Hub

by: Verse

Anthesis uses Verse to help clients accurately plan decarbonization investments

“Projected grid emissions” are the anticipated levels of emissions from electricity generation based on factors such as planned changes in the energy resource mix and policy initiatives.

These grid emissions factors vary widely across the U.S., and not all electric grids are “greening” at the same rate. For instance, California’s grid, which benefits from ambitious decarbonization policies as well as significant existing and planned deployments of clean energy resources, is projected to reduce its emissions much faster than the grid in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Accurate emissions forecasting and analysis should account for these local variations. This data helps companies understand how the emissions from their facilities will evolve, and where to invest for the greatest emissions-reduction impact.

Your Decisions Are Only as Good as Your Data

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-designated eGrid regions account for unique emissions factors applicable to regional grid electricity consumption. They are more granular than U.S. wholesale power markets, allowing for higher-fidelity data. And because they are used as the basis for reporting requirements from standard-setting organizations such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Carbon Disclosure Project, eGrid regions help organizations align their emissions projections with regulatory and voluntary frameworks.

Verse’s data scientists and clean energy experts have compiled the most comprehensive set of data sources in a single platform, synchronized disparate datasets, and made them easy to use.

Anthesis Group uses the advanced modeling and datasets in Verse’s Data Hub to capture critical grid emissions factors so its clients can develop accurate regional emissions forecasts that drive informed decarbonization planning and investment decisions.

Click the image below to access the one-pager.

Anthesis and Verse regional forecasting one-pager